An Agency for the Financial Brand

Blu Giant, LLC is a multi-disciplinary agency. We empower advisors through story driven creative and innovative technology, an experience we call hypermedia.

Today, differentiating yourself from your competition means bringing more value to your client relationships, and using technology to your full advantage. As a subsidiary of NorthStar Financial Services Group, LLC, Blu Giant knows the challenges you face because ours are the same challenges.


We develop brand strategy for clients who value the power of hypermedia.


We build websites that tell your story, balancing information with brand experience.


Connect with your audience on camera, or showcase your process through animation.


Customized print solutions for marketing collateral, reports and statements.


As an EDGAR filing agent, we provide quick and accurate services.


We provide platform consultation and recommend compliance workflow solutions.


Your ongoing brand experience is closely tied to your public relations.


We create marketing collateral material for our clients on an as-needed basis.