The fact sheet is the billboard to your firm’s mutual fund.  It outlines all noteworthy information for investors and potential investors alike.  It conveys the fund strategy and its top holdings.  Fund statistics and graphs display the quarterly performance data since the fund’s inception.  The disclosures and contact information detail additional facts.


These are the basics.  Your fact sheet, however, can be so much more.  The design can help capitalize on your company’s brand utilizing color and design.  Employing the color palette of your company logo throughout the fact sheet reminds the investor who they are looking to for their financial advice.  Graphs can either be rudimentary or compelling.


It’s similar to watching SportsCenter.  The scores traversing the ticker at the bottom of the screen don’t grab the viewers’ attention.  The animations, sounds, videos and color commentary from the broadcasters beckon the audience.  A well-designed fact sheet commands the same consideration.  Vibrant graphs tell the history of the fund’s performance through the quarters.  The copy provides the narrative.

Investors want to easily understand the concept and performance of a mutual fund.  A dynamic fact sheet is the way to get your fund the attention it deserves while simultaneously promoting your firm.